With an estimated 20,000 vans per month broken into throughout the UK it is common knowledge to both van owners and thieves that vehicle manufacturers' locking systems are very easy to overcome. Fitting deadlocks provides a visual and physical deterrent that will greatly reduce the chances of your van adding to these statistics.

Every deadlock and its associated components fitted by us are corrosion resistant and have been designed and manufactured to be vehicle door specific which ensures maximum security and longevity.

All our deadlocks utilise high security cylinders and keys which are secure, robust and well suited to this application. We can also master key these locks so the key you use to open your van deadlocks can also open any other locks that you require, such as another vans deadlocks, tool chest, home or business premises door, padlock etc.

Whether you require one lock or have a fleet of vans our well equipped mobile workshop will attend your home or place of work to carry out the works causing a minimum of inconvenience to your working day.

Security Locks for Vans

Should you require any additional information please contact out fitter direct on 07956 345006 or fill in the form below;
  • (If bulkhead is fitted driver and passenger door locks are not normally recommended to reduce costs)