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Home Security Advice

The Metropolitan Police force launched the ‘Operation Bumblebee – Targeting Burglary‘ campaign. Davis Locksmiths would like to reiterate the same sentiments of the Police force regarding home security advice. Which will help you to make your home more secure by enabling you to be more security conscious.

Good Quality Locks

five-lever-locksHaving a good quality, high security locks fitted to the external doors on your property is not only very sensible it could save you money on your household insurance premiums. Every private resident should always ensure that the locks that fitted to entrance and/or exit doors meet the specifications  stated by the insurance provider. Otherwise, should the worst happen and you fall victim to burglary at your home, you may find that you are not covered for the replacement of any stolen items. All locks on main entrance/exit doors at a property should be of BS3621 standard and British Insurance Approved.

If you have a uPVC door then a high security option that is anti-snap, anti-bump and anti-pick is required, in order to maintain maximum levels of security to your property.

Security Grilles

grill 1If you already have security grilles fitted to your property, then make sure that they are in good working order and use them! Regular maintenance and use of the grilles will help to ensure that they work properly at all times. If you do not currently have security grilles fitted, consider having them installed by a properly qualified professional.


Davis Locksmiths advise the use of prickly plants on garden borders

Berberis trifoliolata – A prickly plant for garden perimeters

If you have a front garden/rear garden, an excellent way to make your home less exposed to the potential threat of burglary is to plant prickly bushes around the perimeter. There are many to chose from and your local garden centre will be only to happy to advise on a plant that is the correct size for your own garden. Planting these types of plants under ground floor windows offers an extra layer of home security too by preventing easy access to an opportunist thief.

If you have a driveway, consider having a gravel surface rather than tarmac if it is suitable. The noise of the gravel will alert you to the noise of anyone approaching your front door.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can offer an extra layer of security to your property - Davis Locksmiths, LondonIf you have outdoor lighting at your home, always ensure that it is regularly maintained and cleaned. And use it! It is often easiest to have a light that switches on and off automatically. If you do not currently have outdoor lighting then consider the relatively small investment. Not only can it put off a would be burglar from even attempting to approach your property, it can make life much easier for you too. Coming home on those long dark Winter evenings and fumbling for your keys in the dark will become a thing of the past!

Do consider any outbuildings that you may have, when installing outdoor lighting. Bathing your garage/shed etc in light will help to protect the building.

Outdoor Buildings

Ensure that any outdoor buildings have the same amount of time and care spent on them when selecting locking mechanisms, as your front door. Often high value items are kept in both the garage and garden shed. A cheap padlock is not enough to stop the theft of your £200 plus lawn mower! As well as good quality, strong padlocks and chains there are extra security measures that can be taken to secure outbuilding doors. Such as lockable door stops.

Own a Large Dog

Having a dog (real or not) can help greatly with your home's security - Davis Locksmiths, LondonDavis Locksmiths are in no way advocating that you rush out and buy a Great Dane or Bullmastiff as pictured! However, you can always seem to the outside world, to own a large dog. Simply place a big water and feeding bowl by your front door. Remember to keep the water clean by changing it regularly. Any chance thief will always opt for a ‘non-dog’ household over a home with a canine pal (imaginary or not) every time.

For any further advice on the home security advice given then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Davis Locksmiths on 0800 093 6270 or mobile 07956 345006. Alternatively you can always email us at


With thanks to Stan Shebs for the use of the Photo of Berberis trifoliolata and to Pleple2000 for the use of the Bullmastiff photo CC BY-SA 3.0.

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