Davis Locksmiths offer van security adviceThe Harlow Star have recently reported on the need for van drivers to be extra vigilant with their vehicles, following a number of van thefts across the West of Essex. Harlow is among the worst areas to fall victim to vehicle crime, with over 180 commercial vehicles and cars to be affected since 1st March 2015.

The type of vehicles being broken into most commonly by thieves are vans. Of which, 85 of them were Ford Transits. The majority of the van owners were contractors and tradesmen who have had expensive tools stolen.

To date, a number of people have been arrested in connection with the crimes and Police have recovered tools worth thousands of pounds in total. The Police are investing where the rightful owners of the tools are, in order to give workmen their property back.

“Thieves are concentrating on vans carrying high value tools or equipment. We would urge van owners to consider the security that they have on their vehicles.” “Drivers should have high-quality alarms fitted on their vans and should ensure the alarm is set when the vehicle is parked overnight. They should also consider fitting a second lock as a second line of defence. Tools should also be property marked and officers from our Neighbourhood Policing Team can advise how this can be carried out.”

said Inspector Paul Maleary, based in Harlow.

Inspector Maleary also advised that if using a hotel or public car park, work vans should not be parked somewhere out of the way or quiet. Instead, he advised that the van be parked near an entrance or road. He said …

“Vehicles parked in hotel car parks seem to be the favourite targets for would be thieves and it is important that the drivers park their vehicles in a way that makes it impossible for the criminal to operate.”  “We are distributing leaflets to van drivers and owners in areas that have been targeted and are hoping for support from the hotel management teams to prevent these offences from taking place.”

If you have any information in relation to the offences, then please contact Essex Police on 101 or contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

If you need any assistance in making your vehicle more secure, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can phone us on  0800 093 6270 or alternatively email and we will get back to you with a fast and friendly response.

With thanks for the use of the photograph of the van to Sven Storbeck CC BY-SA 3.0


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