Davis Locksmiths are the local firm for LondonThere have been numerous reports including the article in the London Evening Standard recently, stating that the warmer weather is finally about to arrive. With this is mind, Davis Locksmiths wanted to offer some advice for home security in the Summer months. By no means is this an exhaustive list of recommendations but there are some useful hints and tips discussed to help to keep you more secure at home and/or work.

Shut and Lock Your Windows

This may sound like a very obvious snippet of advice but the amount of properties our Locksmith will witness, whilst driving around London getting to a job, is countless! Leaving your windows open when it is hot can be an open invitation to a burglar to unlawfully enter your property, even if you have only done so on the first floors and above. The very best option is always to shut and lock all of your windows. If you are worried that the interior of your house will be too hot upon your return then close your curtains. This will stop as much heat penetrating inside.

Lock Your Doors

We all lock our doors when we go out for the day in the morning. If you are going to spending any length of time in your garden do you lock your door then though? If you don’t, you really should. A day spent lawn mowing and hedge cutting for example, would mean that the likelihood of you actually hearing any unwelcome visitor inside your home is pretty slim. If you are busy outside for a number of hours, you could come back inside to find a large number of items have bee stolen from your home! This potential situation can be easily avoided by simply locking your front door. Don’t forget to remove the key from out of the lock and put it somewhere safe and out of sight as well.

Secure Your Garden Shed

Many of us who have a garden shed, store expensive items inside it. The lawn mower, bicycles, lawn strimmer, the barbeque etc etc. The total value of the contents of your garden shed could easily be over £1,000, if not more! But is your shed properly secured? Adequate security means that the doors need to meet correctly and sit flush to the shed on the hinges. You also need to have a strong and good quality padlock and chain in order to lock the doors. Always ensure that the doors are locked securely in order to protect your possessions inside. If you have a window in your shed, consider boarding it up from the inside. This will make the whole structure far more secure and prevent prying eyes from checking out what you have stored in your shed.

Going Away on Holiday

The key to leaving your home in the most secure position possible when going on holiday, is to make it appear that someone is still at home. Below is a list of things that you can organise ahead of going away to create this illusion to any passers by.

  • Set timer switches on table lamps throughout your home to come on at different times through the night.
  • Ask a friend/neighbour to water all pots & plants at the front of your home.
  • Arrange for your lawn to be cut if going away for more than 2 weeks.
  • Ensure that your post is either collected/removed from the letter box on a daily basis and put out of sight or arrange with your Post Office to have your mail delivered to an alternative address whilst you are away.
  • If possible, ask a friend or relative to open and close your curtains each day.
  • Remember to cancel your milk round. Nothing says ‘I’m not at home’ any more, than an ever increasing supply of pints of milk sat on your doorstep!
  • DO NOT, under any circumstances state on social media that you are away on holiday! Depending on your privacy settings, anybody could quite easily find out where you live. If you have just updated your status on Facebook with the fact that you are away and worst still, for how long, then a potential burglar would know how much time they have to safely remove all of your valuable possessions – without the fear of being caught!

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