Police Dog Blue from the BCH Dog Unit

Police Dog Blue from the BCH Dog Unit

On a similar theme from an early blog about van thieves, Davis Locksmiths wanted to report on an article published by the Harlow Star recently. A potential van theft had been covered by the publication, involving two women.

Following a track and search involving a police sniffer dog, the two culprits had been arrested and detained in police custody. The 31 and 33 year old women had been seen acting suspiciously in West Road, Sawbridgeworth, close to a vehicle. After being watched by a member of the public, the two women ran off.

On arriving at the scene, the police enlisted the help of the Dog unit at Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire (BCH). German Shepherd police dog Blue and his handler then also arrived at the location. After only approximately 10 mintues, Blue found the two adults in the area of Bonks Hill.

Sergeant Vicky Stoughton from the Dog Unit at BCH said … “The unit’s handlers develop a strong bond with their dogs and they make excellent partnerships. The handlers are able to make use of the dogs’ many attributes, including their sense of smell, and this allows them to be a real asset, assisting officers around the three counties.” 

Sgt Stoughton then went on to say …“You can now follow our team’s work on by visiting Twitter and Facebook. Here you’ll find the latest news about, and photos of, the team and our partners on four paws.”

Davis Locksmiths would like to congratulate both the police and the BCH Dog Unit, in particular Blue and his handler, in their successful conclusion of the incident.

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